From :-( to :-) by Jelle van Veenen

Covershot from Working PaperThe second key resource, and the one this learning module draws most heavily from, is the 2010 working paper by Jelle van Veenen from Tilburg University, The Netherlands. We will be focusing primarily on the communication theories summarized by van Veenen.

If you choose to read the full paper, abstracted below, you'll learn more about the application of these concepts to the interface and process design of several demonstration ODR projects.

Here's the ABSTRACT from the paper

Online communication can reduce the cost of dispute resolution. But apart from this, online dispute resolution (ODR) has the potential to improve the quality of dispute resolution procedures. Online communication misses certain features that are available in face-to-face communication, and absent features become a handicap when trying to replicate offline procedures in an online environment. But online communication also has several features not present in offline communication. ODR systems that are designed to benefit from these features can offer innovative dispute resolution procedures. This paper describes five ways to use online communication to improve dispute resolution.

Recommended citation: Van Veenen, Jelle, From :-( to :-) Using Online Communication to Improve Dispute Resolution (July 1, 2010). TISCO Working Paper Civil Law and Conflict Resolution Systems No. 002/2010; Tilburg Law School Research Paper No. 002/2010. Available at SSRN:

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