Atlas Black Learns about Communication

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Communication theory presented in a graphic novel format; what could be better?? (For visual learners, anyway...)  As you'll see as you read through the following comic, our budding young entrepreneur Atlas Black still needs a bit of coaching as he learns about communication approaches and norms.



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After reviewing the Atlas Black Chapter embedded here, please look below it for a few questions for reflection.

Chapter 6: Effective Communication - Can you hear me?

Atlas received some useful tips in this episode on norms for professional communication and interpersonal relationship building. For instance, he was encouraged to find ways to reduce noise and avoid communication errors such as filtering, selective perception and information overload. In addition, he is introduced to the concept of communication freezers.

As we begin to explore online dispute resolution practices, are there communication freezers that you think might be most worrisome when dealing with conflict online? Would they take different forms using a text medium? If so, how might they be differently expressed? Jot a few of your thoughts below before clicking the button for some feedback.

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